Firebird's Finery Rework Adjusted Ahead Of Season 23!

Firebird's Finery Rework Adjusted Ahead Of Season 23!

The Firebird's rework that was seen on the patch 2.7.0 PTR has had an additional balance pass ahead of Season 23 after Blizzard received feedback from players!


Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

  • Firebird's Finery 2-Piece Set: Disintegrate Ignites enemies, causing them to take 7500% 3000% weapon damage per second until they die. When you die, a meteor falls from the sky and revives you. This effect has a 60-second cooldown.
  • Firebird's Finery 4-Piece Set: Casting Disintegrate adds Combustion stacks that reduce the cooldown of Teleport by 1% 2% per stack. Stacks up to 100 50 times. You gain 80% damage reduction while maintaining Combustion stacks.
  • Firebird's Finery 6-Piece Set: You gain 4000% 2000% 5000% increased damage while Ignite is applied to a target. Hitting an Ignited enemy with a non-channeling fire spell deals Ignite damage multiplied by Combustion stacks.
Developer Note: With the bulk of patch 2.7.0's focus being on the single-player experience, we recognize that the set reworks and balance changes are some of the most impactful and important to the group play experience. We've heard the outpouring of feedback from the community and have decided to increase the Firebird's Finery 6-piece bonus.
We hope these changes will allow players to explore new strategies in high-end group play compositions for Season 23. We hope you enjoy Firebird's this season, but we will keep an eye on its power and adjust balance in the future.


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