Season 20 Ends June 21!

Season 20 Ends June 21!

The end date for Season 20 has officially been announced for 6/21 at 5:00pm in each region. Along with the end of Season 20 will come the end of the double goblin event as well.


Originally Posted by PezRadar (Official Post)

Hello all -


Season 20 is coming to a close. Below are the times on when Season 20 will end for each region.


North America - June 21 at 5pm PDT
Europe - June 21 at 5pm CET
Asia - June 21 at 5pm KST


Along with these ending times, the Double Goblin event will also be ending. We will be providing a Season 21 Preview post in the coming weeks which will include the start time for the next season.



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