Blizzard Joins IGN's Summer of Gaming and Early D3 Art

Blizzard Joins IGN's Summer of Gaming

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every gaming convention in 2020 has been cancelled or postponed. These conventions act as major marketing sources for video game publishers and developers, and there is a huge void to fill in these conventions absences. Last month, IGN announced that they'd be stepping up to provide a 'Summer of Gaming' event that will start in June and is providing big name companies across the industry a place to showcase their upcoming releases, developer interviews, gameplay demos, and everything else you'd expect from a major gaming convention.


Earlier this week IGN announced that Blizzard would be joining the long list of developers already signed up for the event. While there is still no schedule and Blizzard hasn't announced what they plan on showcasing during the event, the possibility remains to that they might show something for the Diablo franchise. There is a lot to discuss for Diablo since Blizzard has already announced they plan on delivering the next Diablo IV development update towards the end of June, Diablo Immortal is scheduled to begin regional testing midyear, and recent rumors point to an unannounced Diablo II remaster in the works.



Early Diablo III Environment Art

As recently reported on PureDiablo, some early development art from Blizzard North's version of Diablo III has surfaced on the internet. Blizzard North's Former Senior 3D Artist Oscar Cuesta has posted some of his work from the early days in Diablo III's development, showing off some pieces of work from zones called Winterstone, Skyreach, as well as his designs for the dungeon's under Tristram. Cuesta does note in the descriptions on these pieces that they are low polygon counts because they were being used to fill in base colors on the maps. These were far from finished products and not indicative of what the final game may have looked like, but you can certainly get the feel for the direction their were going for.


Below are a couple of the pieces, but check out all of Cuesta's galleries here.






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