Season 20 Meta-Watch: Solo Wizards

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Season 20 Meta-Watch: Solo Wizards

It has now been one week since the start of Season 20, and we are already seeing the meta being shaken up due to the addition of three new class sets. Our meta analysis this week will focus on the Wizard, which was given the new Hydra focused Typhon's Veil set. This new set is widely regarded as the weakest of the three new additions; however, the solo Wizard leaderboard has seen the rise of two different Hydra builds. At this time it's still unclear which build has the most potential, but most players seem to favor the Legacy of Dreams version.



The top represented build on the leaderboards for all three regions is by far the Vyr's Archon Wizard, which is not entirely a surprise seeing as it was the Haedrig's Gift for Wizards this season. Having Vyr's has allowed Wizards to push high solo rifts early, and has proven to be relatively easy to gear for in comparison to the other rising builds. With that said, we expect to see Vyr's slowly drop off the top solo Wizard clears as players are able to find the necessary pieces for one of the two Hydra builds.



The Typhon's Veil Frost Hydra has the potential for an exceptional amount of damage output, but the set tends to be rather fragile. Forgetting to place Hydra's down when entering a new level in a rift can lead to players getting obliterated by enemies before they have a chance to react, and the finicky nature of the sets damage reduction mechanic can lead to a lot of frustration. Players who wish to use Cold damage will find a lot to love with the Typhon's Veil set, and those who master its mechanics can possibly rival the alternative Hydra build.



The Legacy of Dreams Mammoth Hydra build is hard to gear for, as all Legacy of Dreams builds are, seeing as it requires a full set of particular ancient items to be the most effective. On top of that, leveling the Legacy of Dreams gem to 99 is necessary to extract all of the potential performance from the build. The use of Mammoth Hydras provides an exceptional amount of clearing potential for large groups of enemies, and the build doesn't struggle with most Rift Guardians either. The LoD Hydra is also quite a bit more tanky than the Typhon's Veil version, and many players will prefer its playstyle to the the alternative.



It's still too early to say which Wizard build will top the solo leaderboards for Season 20, but at this point there are two fun Hydra builds available for Wizard players who wish to change things up. Vyr's provides a strong start for anyone looking to play Wizard; however, its potential does not quite live up to other potential Wizard builds. It's worth mentioning that Season 20 is still fresh, and the meta for the solo Wizard has the potential to shift greatly in a few weeks time.


Have you been playing the Wizard during Season 20? What build have you been playing and what class would you like us to cover next week? Let us know in the comments!



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