Top 3 and 4-Player Builds from Season 19

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  Top Solo Builds From Season 19

  Top 2-Player Builds From Season 19

Top 3-Player Builds From Season 19

The 3-player leaderboard from Season 19 continues many trends seen in the 2-player leaderboard in regards to the focus being placed more heavily on how quickly a group can clear Greater Rift 150, and also on the group compositions/classes. The returning star of the 2-Player leaderboard, and the staple of all high Greater Rift group clears from season 19, is the support Barbarian. Being able to zip around the map while utilizing Ancient Spear to gather enemies and providing the other players with a large bonus to their toughness means that the support Barbarian is unlikely to lose its place in the group meta anytime soon.


The Legacy of Dreams Wizard was also present in most GR 150 3-player clears. There was some representations from other classes taking the Wizard's spot, but those clears couldn't quite knock the Wizard out of its top spot. The final spot on the 3-player leaderboard was taken by the support Monk, which brings a high amount of additional toughness, healing, and utility to their group. There was a total of 1,193 Greater Rift 150 3-player clears across all three regions, with the fastest clear clocking in at 3:07.


It's worth mentioning that both Paragon level and the Season 19 theme played a major part in the ability to clear as quickly as these players did, and simply copying the builds will not yield similar results.








Top 4-Player Builds From Season 19

The 4-player leaderboard from Season 19 continues the same concepts found on the 2 and 3-player leaderboards. Legacy of Dreams Wizard is strong, so bringing one of those is good. Support monk represented itself well in the 3-player meta, so one of those is pretty good too. How about that support Barbarian though? Well, if one was already good, why not bring two!? The 4-player leaderboard turned already quick Greater Rift 150 clears into an absolute speed run, and the fastest GR 150 was cleared in 2:22! With over 3,000 4-player GR 150 clears across all regions, it's evident that player power has surpassed the current Greater Rift cap.


As we mentioned in the previous posts about Season 19 builds, the seasonal theme and Paragon level play a large part in the clear speeds, and simply copying these builds will not yield the same results.


Players are hopeful that Season 20 will bring about some changes to the group meta with the addition of three new class sets, but it still leaves the question as to whether the GR cap should be increased beyond 150 or if player power needs to be reduced across the board. What are your thoughts on the current Greater Rift situation, and do you think Season 20 will see a marked reduction in the amount of GR 150 clears? Let us know in the comments!







Note: We do not take the console leaderboards into account when considering the top builds from a season.



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