Patch 2.6.6 PTR Creator Spotlights And Challenge Rift 110!

Patch 2.6.6 PTR Creator Spotlights

As we work on updating our build tool to support the new item chances coming in patch 2.6.6, content creators took to the PTR to test a variety of new builds! Below, you will find a handful of amazing videos showcasing these builds, and links to the builds themselves on DiabloFans! Be sure to discuss these builds in the comments!


Jade Harvester Crimson Fury Witch Doctor From BigDaddyDen76

Utilizing the new Captain Crimson set with the Jade Harvester set on a Witch Doctor allowed BigDaddyDen to do some insane damage!




Crimson Rainment Generator Monk From Wolfcryer

The Generator Monk is a favorite for many Monk players, and Wolfcryer has added in the new Captain Crimson set to make it even better!





Patch 2.6.6 Build Preview From Bluddshed

Bluddshed takes a look at a wide range of new builds on the PTR which include a Strafe Demon Hunter, Shield Bash Crusader, Uliana Monk, Explosive Blast Wizard, Jade Witch Doctor Speed Build, and a Sweep Crusader!





Unhallowed Essence Multishot Captain Crimson Fire Demon From Leviathan

Leviathan brings us a new take on the Unhallowed Essence speed farming build which utilizes the new Captain Crimson set to power up this build!





Blood & Essence Necromancer Speed Farm Build From Lord Fluffy

Lord Fluffy has created a Necromancer speed farm build using a combination of the Pestilence set and the new Captain Crimson set. The result is permanent uptime on Land of the Dead!





Challenge Rift - Week 110

Challenge Rift Week 110 is live! This week the Challenge Rift features a wide variety of Monk builds! If you are curious how Challenge Rift builds are chosen each week, you can view this official blog post!






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