Rumors: Diablo 4 Development Ramping Up


Diablo 4 Development Ramping Up


Over the past month we've been seeing an increase in rumors surrounding the much anticipated Diablo 4. Earlier in June, we saw Kotaku post another bombshell of an article stating that a previously unknown Starcraft FPS game had been cancelled and that the team developing that game had been split to help with Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. While it shouldn't come as any surprise that Blizzard is working on the next Diablo, it is telling if they're starting to move more and more developers to the project.



When games are early in production, they only require a small group of senior developers to tackle the big 'pillars' of design. Things like the game engine, lighting, concept art, etc. are usually figured out first and then mid-level and associate-level developers are brought in later to help take the game from concepts to functioning. As a game gets closer and closer to alpha/beta testing the development team can swell. Blizzard has been known to do this in the past and has temporarily funneled developers from different teams in order to get games ready for release. This may be what's happening now. According to Kotaku, the Starcraft FPS game was specifically cancelled so that Blizzard could increase the team sizes for Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. These types of rumors make a major announcement at BlizzCon 2019 seem more likely.



In addition to this announcement of internal team movements, there was recently another article from the French news site Le Monde that stated that an early version of Diablo 4 had been shown to staff at the Versailles branch of Blizzard. This is an indicator that Blizzard is happy with the current iteration of Diablo 4 and has begun showing it internally across the globe to give employees an idea of what the future title will look like. Compare this to the rumors that last year Blizzard was showing Diablo 4 internal, but only to staff at Irvine, it is building the case that this year's BlizzCon will finally deliver the announcement Diablo fans have been waiting for since the launch of Reaper of Souls.



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