The Exciting Resurrection Of DiabloFans


It brings me immense joy to celebrate with the rest of the Diablo community as we unexpectedly open the doors of DiabloFans once again! Today, DiabloFans joins the Magic Find family alongside MMO-Champion and HearthPwn. Magic Find is a small independent team of people who are passionate about games and are focused on creating a home for the communities surrounding them. Under this new leadership, DiabloFans will have more freedom than ever before to grow and prepare for what's next.


Our focus moving forward will be on the community. We know that DiabloFans is the best place to find and share new builds, so we want to highlight more builds of all kinds on a regular basis. This means that we will be showcasing not only the top builds from the community, but also some of the more wild and interesting builds! On top of that, we want to connect with more of the content creators you know and love to bring their awesome builds to a larger audience!


DiabloFans will continue to be the best place for up-to-date news and announcements surrounding all things Diablo! So much exciting news has happened in the past few months that we missed regarding Diablo, such as the start of Season 17, the original Diablo making its way to GoG, more developers being moved onto the team working on the next Diablo game, and more murmurs from an upcoming Netflix series! We plan to catch up on this news while also looking forward to the exciting future!


Finally, we're excited to announce that we have launched our own official Discord server! This server is the perfect place to chat with other fans of Diablo, find new people to play with, get your questions answered, and stay up to date on the latest news! Everyone is welcome, so feel free to invite all of your friends as well! You can join our official Discord server by clicking the banner below!



 Our future is bright and filled with demon slaying, and we can't wait to see everyone in Sanctuary once again.



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