Multiple Diablo Projects to be Announced in 2019

Multiple Diablo Projects to be Announced in 2019

 In a recent forum post, Diablo Community Manager Nevalistis revealed that multiple Diablo projects are set to be revealed next year.


Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

We continue to read feedback and our internal discussions are ongoing. We have many plans for Diablo across multiple projects which we’ll be revealing over the course of the coming year. We are eager to share more about all of our projects, but some will have to wait as we prefer to show you, rather than tell you, about them. It's going to take some time as we strive to meet your expectations, but now, more than ever, we are committed to delivering Diablo experiences the community can be proud of.


Diablo 4 Reportedly in Development Under Code Name "Fenris"

In a recent article from Kotaku, 11 current and former Blizzard employees were interviewed about the Diablo franchise. In this article, it was revealed that Diablo 4 is reportedly under development, but won't be available until 2020 or later. To read more, check out the Kotaku article here.

Fenris is, all of our sources have confirmed, the current incarnation of Diablo IV. Blizzard’s Team 3 has been working on this version of the game since 2016, and some who have seen it say they’re optimistic about the direction. “[Design director] Luis [Barriga] has a very strong vision for that game,” said a former employee, “one that a lot of people are excited about at Blizzard.”



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