Challenge Rift 36 & Public Game Bug

Public Game Matchmaking Issues:

A new bug that causes public games to not fill beyond two players has arisen in Season 13. Nevalistis has taken to the official forums to address the issue:


Update: A hotfix has gone live that fixes both the "Curses!" conquest bug and the Public Game issues!


Originally Posted by Nevalistis (Official Post)

The following hotfix is now live:


  • Conquests
    • Fixed an issue where the conquest "Curses!" would not properly register (2/28)
  •  Fixed an issue that would prevent games set to Public from filling up beyond two players (2/28)



Originally Posted by Nevalistis (Official Post)

Hey all,


We are aware of an issue where games open to a public are not filling beyond two players. While we have no immediate update at the moment, we are working hard to investigate the cause and will provide updates as they become available in this thread.


In the meantime, we highly recommend utilizing clans, communities, or your own friends list to help fill in games. While this is, by no means, a permanent solution, the beginning of a season is a very active time in the community and a great opportunity to meet and make new friends!


In addition, we ask that you avoid creating additional threads on this topic; I’ve left this thread open for any needed detail reports or for players to help find groups among each other.


We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work toward a resolution!


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Challenge Rift - Week 36:

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