Darkening of Tristram Pre-Cursor & Challenge Rift 28

Darkening of Tristram Pre-Cursor Event:



The Darkening of Tristram Pre-Cursor event has begun in game, and players should now see Roaming Cultists appearing in Adventure Mode! The portal to Old Tristram will not be available in game until January 4th. Community Manager Nevalistis took to the official forums to clear up any confusion on this matter:


Originally Posted by Nevalistis (Official Post)

Saw the confusion pop up and wanted to hop in to reaffirm this! Apologies for not reiterating this information in the blog; we'll get that updated as soon as the rest of us are back in office.


Again, just to be clear: only the pre-cursor event (roaming cultists in Adventure Mode) is currently available. The portal to Old Tristram will open on January 4th.


 Challenge Rift - Week 28:








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