Hotfixes & Challenge Rift 25

Hotfixes for the 11th of December:

A small patch was deployed to hotfix several issues. You can find the hotfixes below.



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The following hotfixes are now live:


  • Fixed an issue that caused players with 32-bit clients to have trouble joining parties (12/11)
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally a party invite would result in a string error (12/11)
  • Fixed an issue where the right-click context menu in the Social pane occasionally disappeared (12/11)


Challenge Rift - Week 25:

The new weekly Challenge Rift is live! Be sure to complete it for a quick set of crafting materials and other rewards! Are you competing for the top leaderboard positions on this Challenge Rift? Let us know in the comments, and share any tips you may have!


 Wizard Challenge Rift





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