Shield of Fury Temporarily Disabled & Currency Conversion

Shield of Fury Temporarily Disabled

A bug has arisen during Season 12 that is allowing the Crusader item Shield of Fury to trigger its effect for other Crusaders' Heavens Fury instead of only your own. The item has been temporarily disabled until a hotfix is released. You can view the official blue post below:


Originally Posted by Nevalistis (Official Post)


It's come to our attention that the Legendary power of Shield of Fury is unintentionally affecting other Crusaders' Heavens Fury instead of only your own. We are immediately disabling this power across all regions while we work on a hotfix to resolve this issue.


We anticipate releasing this hotfix as soon as possible (after thorough testing is completed) and, in the meantime, believe that it is too early in the season for this to have a lasting impact on the leaderboards.


Once the hotfix has been applied, we will be re-enabling the power. We'll update this thread once we can confirm the hotfix and the power are both live.


Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue. Currency Conversion

Within the next 24 hours, will begin conversion to local currency in Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. You can find the full official blog post below:



Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

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In October, we announced that we’ll be converting from USD to local currency on Blizzard® in Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. These changes will begin to roll out in these regions within the next 24 hours.


For players in these regions, Blizzard Balance will be unavailable during the brief update process, but purchases can be made using other payment methods. Any purchases made during this period will be processed in local currency.


For World of Warcraft® subscribers, the recurring subscription will continue to be charged in USD for the next 12 months. If there’s any interruption to your subscription, however—including an expired card, changes in payment methods, or account cancellations—any new subscriptions will be charged in your local currency.


We want to make as many of our players as possible feel at home in the Blizzard ecosystem, and make managing your account with us easier. By switching from USD to local currency, we’re expanding the types of payment we accept and helping some of you avoid paying transaction fees charged by financial institutions.


Please see our announcement in October for more information and follow @BlizzardCS for the latest updates.


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