Community Hightlights: Rhykker & Loot Boxes, Westmarch Workshop Ep. 126, Geek & Sundry Visits Blizzard, And Glenn Rane's Art

Rhykker - Loot Boxes in Games

Rhykker address the concerns of the gaming community at large has with Loot Boxes within games and how they could affect design decisions for the future of the Diablo series.



Westmarch Workshop: Ep. 126

Leviathan and I cover the latest round of PTR updates, the Diablo Loot Crate, BlizzCon goodies, and more.



Geek & Sundry Visits Blizzard

Geek & Sundry has been covering the road to BlizzCon 2017 and they recently stopped by the Diablo development office in the most recent teaser of their coverage.



Glenn Rane's Official Diablo Artwork

Blizzard artist Glenn Rane has been uploading his works to Art Station, including some familiar Diablo pieces. Check out his full gallery here.



Neinball (@NeinballGamer) is a content creator for Diablo Fans and a horadrim in training. Whether he's relaxing on Zegema Beach, fighting servants of the Corpse-God in the 41st millennium, or quelling Rebellions in the Outer Rim, his passion always brings him back to slaying Demons in Sanctuary.



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