Community Highlights: Perfect Jesseth Scythe, Fan Art Wallpaper

Bigdaddyden76 Perfect Jesseth Scythe

Bigdaddyden76 hit the RNG jackpot when crafting some 1-Handed Scythes for his Necromancer.


Shrouded Moors Wallpaper

Longtime fan art contributor Holyknight3000 recently released a new wallpaper celebrating the new Act II zone: The Shrouded Moors. Find the full size image and more at his DeviantArt account here.


The Shrouded Moors


Additional News

How Blizzard Saved Diablo III From Disaster

Kotaku published an excerpt from the upcoming the upcoming book, BLOOD, SWEAT, AND PIXELS, which is due out in early September. It details the story behind Diablo III's rough start and subsequent revitalization. 

20 Years of Diablo

IGN also delved into the past of Diablo with a 20 Year Retrospective that detailed many of the challenges and triumphs across the franchise's history.

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