Season 11 Featured Builds - Haedrig's Gift Edition

Season 11 Featured Builds - Haedrig's Gift Edition

Season 11 is officially upon us and, as such, it's time for a refresher on which builds will be the most relevant for your needs. Early in the season, you should be striving to complete Chapters II, III, and IV of your Seasonal Journey as soon as possible, so that you can claim your Haedrig's Gift rewards and earn a free 6-piece set for your class. Below, we'll highlight one build per class that revolves around the set you can earn, so that you can hit running straight away!

1. Rathma Faceroll Summoner GR100+


First up, we must highlight the Necromancer. You're likely to run into many players wanting to give the newest hero of Sanctuary a try. Maybe you're one of those players? Most Necromancers will be decked out in the Bones of Rathma set in the early season, since that's the Haedrig's Gift reward for the class. While a majority of the Necromancer's best builds currently seem to be based around the Trag'Oul's Avatar set, do not sleep on Rathma. This build focuses on the set's synergy between Command Skeleton and Skeletal Mages, and utilizes the Jesseth Arms set to really push out maximum DPS for your minions. Melancholy also provides a write-up that helps you shift this build towards quick completions of Torment 13 rifts, so you should be all set if you want to stick solely with Rathma for high level Greater Rifts and speedfarming alike.


2. Paralysis Vyr'Rasha T13 Speed Rifts/Bounties


Next, we must go to the Wizard. By far, this class was one of the most popular in Season 10 due to its ability to speedfarm Torment 13 rifts and bounties in the blink of an eye, participate in the 4-player meta as a boss killer, and also push some of the highest solo player Greater Rifts. The Wizard is ready for any task and in Season 11, and she'll be pushed faster sooner due to the Tal Rasha's Elements set being awarded via Haedrig's Gift. While the best builds don't use Tal's on its own, it is often the main base, meaning you'll need a majority of Tal's pieces to get the 6-piece bonus, and then supplement that with Vyr's to kick things up a notch — like Maniax_83 does in this build. While the build is titled for Patch 2.4.3/Season 9, this particular guide was updated right before Season 10 dropped in March of this year, and nothing too significant has changed in Patch 2.6.0 to prevent Wizards from being incredibly quick T13 farmers.


3. UE Danetta's Grenades Fast and Furious 


The Demon Hunter is a perennial favorite for players that want to blitz through their Seasonal Journey and earn the stash tab up for grabs at completion of the Conqueror tier. This season will be no exception, as the Haedrig's Gift reward is the Unhallowed Essence set. The build showcased here is the Danetta's set Grenades variant, which is great for Torment 13 speedfarming, Greater Rift speedfarming, and even high level Greater Rift solo pushing (with a few modifications). The ease of use in this build also makes for some nice "Netflix and chill" execution and should lead the Demon Hunter to a favorable start at the beginning of Season 11. Look no further than here and BigJohnasty's noted variants if you want to do everything the Demon Hunter needs to do from the comfort of your starter set.


4. Generator R6COE GR100+


A mainstay of high level Greater Rift completions for multiple seasons now, the Raiment of a Thousand Storms set will be the Haedrig's Gift reward for Monks in Season 11. While this set doesn't lend itself to Monks speedfarming at their fastest, it's still easily one of their best options for pushing to the top of the Leaderboards on solo Greater Rifts. IveGottenSoLucky spells out exactly what you need to be successful with this rather squishy build, and shows its potential with a video where it's used to clear a Greater Rift 95. You can use this gifted set early in your season to attain Conquest benchmarks like clearing Greater Rift 75 solo done expediently, while unlocking your chance for Primal drops with a Greater Rift 70 solo clear en route.


5. WW TXIII Beast Mode Guide


Barbarians have gotten a bad rap lately as the class that clears the lowest high tier Greater Rifts for their solo clears. While they might lag behind the output of classes like the Wizard, Crusader, and now Necromancer, unto themselves, the options for the class are actually pretty well balanced. However, in recent times, Wrath of the Wastes has been emerging as the go-to set for high Greater Rift clears. This is the Haedrig's Gift reward for Barbarians in Season 11, and outside of its prowess in high GRs, it can also get some work done for Torment 13 speedfarming. LordFluffy put together a build that almost feels reminiscent of old school Whirlwind Barbarians, using Focus and Restraint activated by Merciless Charge and Whirlwind to amp up its damage output. For those of you that love spinning to win, you'll find yourself right at home starting the season with a Barbarian.


6. Fire Sweep Rolands Crusader


The Crusader is in a bit of a quandary with Roland's Legacy serving as its starter set from Haedrig's Gift. While Roland's has quietly been an unpopular, yet moderately successful set for Crusaders, the issue is a bit more forced this time around as it's likely the first setup players will have in Season 11. This Fire Sweep build brought to you by Shaddow should at least give you a good direction to take your Crusader in, while you continue to farm some of the more traditionally successful setups like Seeker of the Light with Blessed Hammer, or the Legacy of Nightmares Bombardment build. In general, there are ways to make Roland's work for you, but you'll have to work harder than with other setups that can accomplish the same tasks more easily.


7. T13 Helltooth Speed Farming Chicken Build


Last, but certainly not least, we have the Witch Doctor, which will be receiving the Helltooth Harness as its Haedrig's Gift set. Helltooth Gargantuan used to be one of the most reliably powerful pet setups for the Witch Doctor, but it has fallen by the wayside in the wake of Zunimassa buffs and the discovery of the Legacy of Nightmare Spirit Barrage build last season. However, you'll have this set at your disposal early on and grilledchiz wants to help you get your speedfarming together in order to farm the pieces for some of those higher tier builds. This setup utilizes the Manajuma's Way set as well, which is one of the few reliable methods to increase the Witch Doctor's speed. This class is one of the least efficient at speedfarming when compared to its colleagues, so you might find yourself being carried by other members in your group — but at the very least, this build should keep you somewhat relevant in the early season, when your options are limited.

Leviathan (@LeviathanD3) is a content creator for Diablo Fans and a Hardcore Crusader for life. You can likely catch him streaming high Leaderboard/Conquest rank attempts unless he's out taking photographs or discovering new music.


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