Patch 2.6 Roundup: Necromancer Class, New Zones, and Challenge Rifts

Patch 2.6 Roundup


Patch 2.6 Roundup

Season 11 may still be a way off, but that doesn't mean we don't have plenty of new things to be hyped about in the meantime. The Rise of the Necromancer pack is a completely separate purchase from Patch 2.6, so even if you don't plan to buy into the new character, you're still in for plenty of treats. Here, you can check out details on the Necromancer class, as well as all of the new stuff coming in the patch — including Challenge Rifts, new zones in Adventure Mode, Realms of Fate, changes to Set Dungeons and Greater Rifts, and so much more.


Patch 2.6 will be going live today, June 27.


The Necromancer - Patch 2.6


New Features and Quality of Life Changes - Patch 2.6


Meta Changes - Patch 2.6


Item Changes - Patch 2.6


Adventure Mode Changes


Adventure Mode Changes - Patch 2.6


Patch Notes - Patch 2.6


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