Build Tool Now Includes Necromancer and PTR Content

Build Tool Now Includes Necromancer and PTR Content

Introducing Necromancer and PTR Content to the Build Tool

Starting today, you can now access the Necromancer class and all Diablo 3 PTR content in the Diablo Fans build tool. The new selection options on the front page and build pages will allow you to sort between content on live and test servers. To access the Necromancer class, you will need to switch the selector tool to PTR content, as the Necromancer is still in Closed Beta.


Start browsing and creating Necromancer builds now to prepare yourself for the upcoming Rise of the Necromancer pack launch!



Diablo Fans Build Tool Now Includes Necromancer and PTR Content

Learn More About the Necromancer

Interested in learning more about the Necromancer? Diablo Fans is dedicated to providing you information on everything you need to know about the upcoming class, from lore to developer updates. View the articles below to learn more about the Priests of Rathma and browse the front page of Diablo Fans for patch notes, Blizzard updates, and more.

5 Interesting Lore Facts About the Necromancer


Necromancer Q&A - Live Updates


Necromancer Influencer Summit 2017


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