5 Wizard Build Spotlights for Season 10

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S10 Wizard Build Spotlights

For Season 10, we're going to be checking out some cool builds for each class. Outside of including meta builds, we’ll also highlight user-created builds that offer players some fun (even if they aren't ranking well on leaderboards) or something to do with pieces they would normally disenchant. Let's get started!


1. GR100+ Hydra Light Wiz Detailed

We’ll start off with this season’s top build for Wizard. As the ideal build for pushing GRs both solo and in multiplayer, Season 9’s Lightning Wizard comes back in Season 10, bringing along with it its brand new pet, the lightning hydra. While this version of the build is meant for pushing group GRs as the rift guardian killer, a couple of tweaks can make it a speed farming build or a solo pusher build.




2. FireRasha TXIII / GR 60+ Speed Farm Build

Second on the list is LordFullfy’s FireRasha TXIII / GR 60+ Speed Farm Build. While explosive blast builds fell out of favor after the rework on the firebird set bonuses following Season 6, it’s still a very fun and relaxing build to play that's very tough when compared to the very fragile archon build.




3. TXIII Fragment of Destiny Speedfarm

Following a throwback to the EB build is another familiar build, the spectral blades build. Hyperborea’s TXIII Fragment of Destiny Speedfarm takes the old SB build and provides it a much needed damage boost by equipping manald heal, giving it the damage required to farm the higher torments the old build could not without a lot of paragon.




4. zWiz Main Support Tank

Xrande’s version of the zWiz is a lot tankier than others. While horrax’s build was was mainly focused on channeling ray of frost, Xrande’s is a bit more active and CDR heavy due to not having zodiac as a worn ring.




5. Firebird Generator Melee GR85+

Finishing up our list is Angry Roleplayer’s Firebird Generator Melee build. Centered around firebird and explosive blast, the build offers an alternative to push GRs with for those who want to challenge themselves. While it won’t push as high as lightning hydra, the build is very fun and doesn’t require much skill to get started with.



Frequ (twitch.tv/zpassionfruit) currently writes content for Diablo Fans. After taking his part in high end GRing, he has decided to take a more casual approach to the game while remaining up-to-date with the meta.


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