The Journey Begins – Necromancer Cinematic Revealed

The Journey Begins – Necromancer Cinematic Revealed

The launch of the Rise of the Necromancer pack draws ever closer, nephalem, and today we have a special treat in store: the global reveal of the introduction campaign cinematic for the Necromancer class!



PTR PATCH 2.6.0 - v2.6.0.45897

 A new patch has been pushed to the PTR. We'll update as we have more information.


Originally posted by Blizzard (Official Blog)


Necromancer Skills

  • Blood Spear
    • Bone Spear turns into Blood Spear. Damage is increased to 518% 650% weapon damage at the cost of 10% health.
  • Base Rune
    • Summon a piercing bone projectile that causes 450% 500% weapon damage to all enemies it passes through
  • Bone Spirit
    • Possession
      • Bone Spirit will now charm the target for 10 seconds at the cost of 10% 5% health
  • Command Golem
    • Ice Golem
      • Command the Golem to the targeted location where it freezes enemies for 3 seconds and increases their chance to be critically struck by 10% for 10 seconds
      • Command the Golem to launch an icy blast at the target location, freezing enemies for 3 seconds and increasing their chance to be critically struck by 10% for 10 seconds
    • The cooldown has been reduced from 60 to 45 seconds
  • Corpse Explosion
    • Final Embrace
      • Corpses pull themselves towards the nearest enemy before exploding, but Corpse Explosion now costs 3% 2% life per corpse
  • Corpse Lance
    • Blood Lance
      • Spend 5% 2% of your total health to launch an additional lance from yourself towards the target that deals 250% weapon damage
  • Decrepify
    • Base Rune
      • A crippling curse that reduces the enemy units’ movement speed by 75% and reduces damage done by 20% 30% for 30 seconds
    • Wither
      • Damage reduction increased to 30% 40%, but no longer reduces movement speed
  • Leech
    • Base Rune
      • Curse the target area. Cursed enemies have a chance to heal the attacker when they are struck for 1% 2% of their total health. Lasts 30 seconds.
    • Cursed Ground
      • Now curses the ground, healing you for 0.5% 1% of your maximum life every second for each enemy in the cursed area
    • Simulacrum
      • The health cost per use has been reduced from 50% to 25%

 Necromancer Passives

  • Rigor Mortis
    • Blight abilities also slow enemies by 30% and reduce their attack speed by 15% 30% for 5 seconds

  Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which prevented Bone Spirit from properly detonating when cast directly in melee range of a target enemy


Class Sets

  • Bones of Rathma
    • (4) Set Bonus
      • You gain 1% damage reduction for 5 15 seconds each time your pets deal damage. Max 50 stacks.
    • (6) Set Bonus
      • Each active Skeleton Mage increases the damage of your minions and Army of the Dead by 200% 250%

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing Bloodsong Mail from correctly granting the Enforcer rune when Land of the Dead was active
  • Fixed an issue preventing the damage bonus from Krysbin’s Sentence to apply to pets


 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Curse Your Enthusiasm achievement to be incorrectly awarded to non-Necromancer characters

Quality of Life

  • Necromancer Golems and Witch Doctor Gargantuans will now destroy breakables they step on


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