5 Interesting Lore Facts for the Diablo Necromancer

With the coming of the Rise of the Necromancer pack, we’d like to highlight some of the interesting lore and history behind these enigmatic and secretive spellcasters. Shrouded in mystery and hailing from a far and strange land, these ‘Priests of Rathma’ are mistrusted at best and hated by most, but is this ill will warranted?


Necromancer Lore - Priests of Rathma

1. Priests of Rathma

Necromancers hail themselves as the Priests of Rathma, but who's Rathma? He was one of the original Nephalem of Sanctuary, born to Inarius and Lilith. Rathma had an innate ability to manipulate life forces, and he passed this knowledge onto the first Necromancer, Mendeln. All Necromancers since have studied these teachings and have become powerful spellcasters able to control souls. They can wield the power of life and death itself. Rathma’s pragmatic outlook on existence became the foundation of one the Necromancers’ guiding principles, the Great Cycle of Being, where life and death are merely different states that flow into one another instead of being a linear path.



Necromancer Lore - Sin War

2. They Know the Truth

At the end of the great conflict known as the Sin War, the forces of Heaven and Hell made a pact to keep the world of Sanctuary off limits from either side’s influence. In keeping with this pact, the memories of the Sin War, as well as the knowledge of the existence of Heaven and Hell, were purged from the minds of almost all humans on Sanctuary, with one of the few exceptions being the original Necromancer, Mendeln. All Necromancers know of Heaven, Hell, and humanity's true origins as Nephalem. Whereas humanity is only now beginning to understand their true heritage and power, the Necromancers have known all along. It is these facts that fuel their core tenant to the maintain a principle they call ‘The Balance.’



Necromancer Lore - Eternal Conflict


3. All Things in Balance

The Balance is a philosophy all Necromancers hold. It states that humanity should be free from the machinations of both Heaven and Hell so that the denizens of Sanctuary can choose their own fate. Humanity should not be manipulated as pawns in the Eternal Conflict, and it falls to the Necromancers to protect the world from the threats most people don’t even know exist. Necromancers will often roam the world to combat demonic invasions or angelic intrusions so that the rest of humanity can grow and evolved at their own pace, free from outside influences.



Necromancer Lore - Secret City

4. A Secretive Cult

Necromancers are entrusted with some of the most guarded secrets of Sanctuary, and this led the original founders of the cult to seek out seclusion from the rest of humanity. Ultimately, the Necromancers founded a subterranean city hidden in the eastern jungles of Kehjistan to practice their own style of magic, far away from the prying eyes of rival clans and the judgement of others. The secrets of their home are so well guarded that not even scholars such as Deckard Cain know much about this city. Even its name is still shrouded in mystery.



Necromancer Lore - Evil

5. Not As Evil As You’d Think

While most societies on Sanctuary view the manipulation of the dead as evil, Necromancers are far removed from such moral ambiguities. They see necromancy as just another tool in fighting the true evils of Creation, the forces of Hell. Death isn’t as final to a Necromancer as it is to others, as life and death are just different parts of the Great Cycle of Being. To a Necromancer, summoning a spectre to rip the soul from his foes is no different from a Sorceress conjuring a fireball to defeat her enemies.


Now that some of the mysteries surrounding the Necromancers have been revealed, we hope that you’re as excited as we are about their inclusion into Diablo 3. Don’t forget the new class is only one piece of the Rise of the Necromancer pack coming later this year, in addition to the new portraits, cosmetic items, two character slots, and two new stash tabs that you’ll unlock with its purchase. The Rise of the Necromancer will be released alongside all the free content in Patch 2.6 which is set to include Challenge Rifts, new monsters, and the new Shrouded Moors, Temple of the Firstborn, and Fractured Realm zones.


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