Necromancer OP Beta Damage and Blizzard's Response

Necromancer OP Beta Damage

With PTR Patch 2.6.0 going live last week, many players received Necromancer Beta access and got some long-awaited play time with the upcoming class. While we're still waiting to see how legendaries and sets will impact the the Necromancer, the community is currently vibrant with Necro-related discussions. One of the biggest talking points has been the crazy amount of damage that the Necros are capable of inflicting.


As seen in a recent Reddit post, the Necromancer is a bit OP right now. The Twitch clips below from Quin69 shows Hamelin and Agnidox being absolutely incinerated.



We've seen several streamers and content creators encounter these massive damage spikes. Revealed in this tweet, Leviathan stated that his Necromancer's Frailty skill is what was inflicting the massive damage occasionally appearing on screen. You can view his initial reaction to the damage in the clip below. Additionally, Bludshedd eliminated a Rift Guardian in an insanely short time. You can view the kill in the second clip below.




Update: 58 Quadrillion

Desolacer was able to inflict approximately 58 quadrillion damage on stream. You can view the damage in the first second of the Twitch clip below.



Blizzard's Response

Blizzard did end up responding on Reddit, reminding players that not all of the tech and balancing is in the Beta right now. 


Originally posted by Blizzard (Diablo Subreddit)

There are a few things that could be happening here, but the culprit is most likely Revive (though I imagine Frailty (Scent of Blood) is also playing a part here).

The reason why, and this information is available to all Beta Testers in our private forums, is because Revive is legitimately broken at the moment. Revive is a beastly skill from a technical standpoint, and not all the tech required to make it work (and more importantly, actively balance it) is in the Beta yet. So while we're happy folks are having fun with Revive, testing or comparing the balance of the Necromancer class around it doesn't help us very much right now.

Just, you know, clarification here. :)


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