PTR Patch, Reddit Blue Post, Li-Ming Cosplay

PTR Patch 

There was a small PTR patch on Friday that fixed an issue with base armor for Primal Ancient items.

Originally posted by Blizzard (Official Blog)

Primal Ancients
     (PTR Only) Fixed an issue which caused the base armor of Primal Ancient items to incorrectly roll with different values


Reddit Blue Post 

Recently on Reddit, Blizzard posted a response to the lack of visible changes on the latest PTR patches.

Originally posted by Blizzard (Diablo Subreddit)

Hey, I've seen questions popping up about why the past few patches have had so few visible changes, and wanted to jump in right quick to clarify.

Most of the changes in the past two PTR patches have been for bug fixes and improvements to some of our backend systems. Since these aren't player-facing changes, they aren't the kind of thing we typically include in the notes.

If you were wondering what changed and weren't sure why a patch was going out, that's why. Sorry for the confusion!


Li-Ming Cosplay

Love Li-Ming? View this incredible cosplay from @sigmanas. You can view more photos here. Photo credit: La-Clover.


La-Ming Blizzard Cosplay


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