Top 5 Witch Doctor Builds for Season 9

Top 5 Witch Doctor Builds for Season 9

Today, we're going to showcase the top 5 builds for the Witch Doctor in Season 9. While many players were excited for a new meta featuring The Barber, the item ended up being nerfed, and Season 9 features the same meta used in Season 8 and Season 7. Arachyr did get a buff, making it the ideal build for solo, but that build already existed in groups.

1. HellTooth Fire-Bats Solo GR90+ 2.4.2

First up on the list is Season 8’s top build for solo, Helltooth Firebats. While this set has received no changes from 2.4.2 to 2.4.3, it’s still a very strong build, with a GR 100 clear in Season 8. Players that don’t want to go the Jade Harvester or Arachyr route can go Helltooth instead for solo pushing.


2. WD Firebats Group Build Season 9 Patch 2.4.3

Up next is Arachyr Firebats. Arachyr was the top dps build for group rift clears (with Gen Monk for RG) in Season 8. With the buff it received in 2.4.3, its position has been more solidified while also making it the #1 build for solo. Players looking to play DPS in groups while also having the potential to keep the same build for solo should consider Arachyr Firebats.


3. S9 Jade Harvester GR95+ Solo

Another build for solo players is the Jade Harvester Locus Swarm/Haunt build. This build managed to secure the #2 spot on the Season 8 leaderboards, and it's capable of competing with Arachyr and Helltooth. The set itself received no changes in 2.4.3, but for players looking to opt out of Firebats, Jade Harvester is a strong alternative.


4. 2.4.3 Turbo Fire-Bats Speed Farming

Each class usually has one or more speed builds; for the Witch Doctor, it’s the Angry Chicken build. Great for speeding bounties, regular rifts, and greater rifts, the Angry Chicken build is very mobile and offers decent DPS for those needing to gather mats or keys.


5. 2.4.3 T13 Pet Helltooth Speed Build

Finishing our list is another Angry Chicken build, but instead of utilizing the Arachyr set, it uses Helltooth. As another option for those needing to speed bounties or rifts, the Helltooth version utilizes pets instead of firebats to deal its damage.



This concludes my top builds for Witch Doctors, and you can browse more WD builds here. As always, if you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment!


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