Top 5 Demon Hunter Builds for Season 9

Top 5 Demon Hunter Builds for Season 9

Last week we looked at the top 5 builds for the Barbarian, and now it’s time to look at another class, the Demon Hunter. With Patch 2.4.3, the Demon Hunter received several changes which resulted in more build diversity for the class. Many players gave a sigh of relief, as there was finally an alternative to the Legacy of Nightmare’s Fan of Knives (LoN FoK) build which dominated the Demon Hunter solo meta for many seasons.


1. [S9] LoN FoK + Shi Mizu - Solo 90+

While we do see M6 dominating the DH leaderboards, LoN FoK is still the strongest DH build out there and should still be taken into consideration for solo pushers looking to top the leaderboards. Players that are looking for a build with a high skill ceiling will find it in LoN FoK, as it is definitely one of the hardest builds to play.


2. [S9] Cluster Bomb Marauder's GR90-95+

Up next is the build most Demon Hunters are opting for this season, the Embodiment of the Marauder Cluster Bombs (M6) build. With the changes to the Embodiment of the Marauder set and Hellcat Waistguard, this build is the go-to choice for many Demon Hunters this season, especially since many players want to take a break from LoN FoK. If you are looking for a fun build to reach the top of the solo leaderboards, M6 Cluster Bombs is one of your choices. The same build can also be used in group GRs beside MH Wiz.


3. [2.4.3] UE6p | Fire Multishot | Torment 13

While not as strong as M6 or LoN FoK for pushing the leaderboards, the Unhallowed Essence Multishot (UE6 MS) build is definitely the build to use for speeds. If you’re ever short of keys, need materials for crafting or enchanting, need to level up gems, or just need to meet your desire to kill mobs as fast as possible, the UE6 MS build is for you.


4. 2.4.3 UE Danetta's Grenades Fast and Furious

Another choice for those wanting to do speeds is the Unhallowed Essence Danetta's Grenades build. With the changes to Hellcat Waistguard, there is now a viable alternative to the UE6 MS speed build. While this won’t clear as fast as UE6 MS in T13, it will still clear rifts efficiently and can go higher than UE6 MS.


5. 2.4.3 Support DH

Finishing the list is one of my personal favorites, the Support Demon Hunter (zDH). While zDH may not be in the current meta, it does indeed work. (If you look at previous seasons, some zDHs do sneak their way into the leaderboards, and in fact, my highest 2-man clear in Season 8 was a Firebird Wizard with a zDH.) It has a very active play style and is quite fun to play.



These builds round out the top 5 builds for Demon Hunter! I highly recommend browsing other Demon Hunter builds on the site. If you think other builds are worth mentioning, or if you have something to say about this list, feel free to leave a comment!



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