Firebird's Finery Hotfix Live

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Firebird's Finery Hotfix Live

Nevalistis released info about a hotfix for the Firebird's Finery bug that allowed players to use Brawling to keep the set's stacks from falling off. The fix is already, and she also explained why sometimes what determines whether these are fixed by patches or hotfixes.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We will be releasing a hotfix shortly to prevent an unintended interaction with Firebird's Finery and Brawling.

Some of you may be aware that when changing the live game, some changes are done as a hotfix and other fixes wait until a future patch. Sometimes the decision is clear, sometimes it’s more complicated. This particular change falls on the hotfix side of the fence. Aside from technical reasons (in which some require patches while others can be hotfixed), there are several factors we examine when we consider issuing a hotfix.

  • First, how much of an advantage does the bug give?
  • Second, how likely is it that someone will trigger this bug unintentionally? Is it common that someone will perform it by accident?
  • How likely is this bug to impact the performance of players on the leaderboard for the length of the Season?

Looking at all these factors for this particular case we've determined that there is very little chance for accidental use, and it's early enough that resolving this immediately won't result in stale or unbeatable leaderboards for the rest of the Season.

We advise against making use of this bug. As in the past, we will be taking a look on a case by case basis to determine if any action is necessary.

The following hotfix is now live:


  • Fixed an issue where the benefits from Firebird's Finery could persist after leaving a Brawl (8/17) (source)


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