PTR Patch 2.4.2 Build 37893 Live, Quin on PTR 37893 & Suggestions

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PTR Patch 2.4.2 Build 37893 Live

The latest PTR build, that we datamined and published yesterday, is now live and available for testing. Check out the condensed patch notes, with just the latest changes - aka the red text on the official changelog post, below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

To provide feedback on patch 2.4.2, please visit the PTR Feedback forum.
To report any issues you experience while playing, please visit the PTR Bug Report forum.
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  • Demon Hunter
    • Active Skills
      • Spike Trap
        • Has been redesigned
          • Now has 2 (down from 4) charges each with a 10 (up from 5) second recharge time
          • All active traps are now detonated by the next Hatred spender you cast
        • Damage increased from 340% to 1160% (up from 950%) weapon damage
        • Hatred cost reduced from 30 to 20 (up from 10)
        • Skill Rune - Echoing Blast
          • Damage increased from 575% to 2020% (up from 1330%) weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Lightning Rod
          • Damage increased from 880% weapon damage over 10 hits to 2010% (up from 1380%) weapon damage over 3 hits
        • Skill Rune - Long Fuse
          • Replaced with
            • Impaling Spines
              • Increases damage to 1930% (up from 1220%) weapon damage
        • Skill Rune - Scatter
          • Now places 2 traps side by side and consumes 1 charge (down from 2) of Spike Trap
        • Skill Rune - Sticky Trap
          • Replaced with
            • Custom Trigger
              • Increases damage to 1900% (up from 1150%) weapon damage
  • Witch Doctor
    • Active Skills
      • Spirit Barrage
        • Skill Rune - Phantasm
          • Damage increased from 675% over 5 seconds to 750% over 5 seconds
  • Wizard
    • Passive Skills
      • Power Hungry
        • Has been redesigned
          • Deal 30% additional damage to enemies more than 30 yards away
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the maximum of 8 Energy Twisters from applying
    • Fixed an issue that was causing stacks of Archon from a previous cast due to The Swami to stack multiplicatively instead of additively with a subsequent, overlapping cast of Archon


  • Bottomless Potion of Chaos
    • Graphical and sound effects have been added to the teleport
    • Added a camera smoothing effect to the teleport
  • Class-Specific Items
    • Demon Hunter
      • The Demon's Demise
        • Has been redesigned
          • The blast from Spike Trap will damage all enemies again after 1 second.
    • Wizard
      • Firebird's Finery
        • (6) Set Bonus
          • Has been redesigned
            • Your damage is increased by 120% and damage taken reduced by 3% for each enemy that is Ignited. This effect can stack up to 20 times. You always receive the maximum bonus whenever a nearby Elite monster is Ignited.

      • Note: Existing items will not be affected by the following changes. Only new versions of the items will roll with the added Legendary power.
      • Barbarian
        • Girdle of Giants
          • Legendary power added
            • Seismic Slam Increases Earthquake damage by 80-100% for 15 seconds.
            • Existing Earthquakes will have their damage increased when Seismic Slam is used with Girdle of Giants
      • Demon Hunter
        • Trag'Oul Coils
          • Legendary power added
            • Spike Traps gain the effect of the Impaling Spines rune and are deployed twice as fast
      • Monk
        • Scarbringer
          • Legendary power added
            • Lashing Tail Kick deals an additional 300% (down from 1000%) damage to the first 5-7 (added maximum number) enemies hit
      • Witch Doctor
        • Gazing Demise
          • Legendary power added
            • Spirit Barrage gains the Phantasm rune. For each active Phantasm (max 3), the damage of Spirit Barrage is increased by 40-50%


  • The Skeleton King will now drop Leoric's Crown beginning at Level 5

Quin on PTR 37893 & Suggestions

Quin has uploaded a very interesting video about the latest changes to the 2.4.2 PTR - he goes over quite a few interesting changes, talks about positive ones and some potential problems from his perspective, and gives some interesting suggestions for improvements.


Feel free to check it out and let us know if you agree with his ideas in the comments section. Also feel free to post some suggestions as well - Blizzard devs are always watching!




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