Michael's Uliana Rank #1 Clear & Guide

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Michael's Uliana Rank #1 Clear & Guide

It's not uncommon for Quin and Michael to trade the #1 and #2 spots at the leaderboards. We've featured Quin's clears and builds recently, so it's fair that we highlight Michael's rank #1 clear and guide too. Specially since it contains some different tips on how to maximize the build. Check them out below!



A couple things that i missed from the guide:

1. Follower gear: On every piece run attack speed and cooldown reduction. Use thunderfury, freeze deflection, unity, occulus ring (85%), immunity token, and any amulet (no ess)

2. Mythic rhythm is removed from active EPs on using a potion or gaining a paragon level. If you are carrying a MR buff, it is not removed by these things (only active EPs). Avoid using potion, and pay attention to paragon levels. If either happens, evaluate if you need to re-snapshot. You can find more in-depth explanations for EP mechanics in Davloks testing thread


Hi, Michael here. The U6 monk is currently one of the strongest builds for monk solo (if not the strongest) in patch 2.4.1. With the guide I hope i can provide some tips and tricks i have learned from playing the spec. (continues...)




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