Diablo 4 Story Fan Fiction

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Diablo 4 Story Fan Fiction

Have you ever imagined what Diablo 4 could be about? Would the world of Sanctuary remain in a similar age, or could it be in a completely different era? Stewart Berk, aka Odin, has shared on the official forums his futuristic fan fiction of the D4 world. See a snippet of it below, or the full post here.


What do you think of his idea? Would advancing the time era of the Diablo world be too much of a stretch? Should the devs stick with the traditional lore and time frame, or try something completely different and go bonkers with it? Let us know in the comments!


A Diablo 4 Concept by Stewart Berk

Stay awhile and listen…

With the loss of 3 of the Angiris council, and the destruction of the last soulstone, and with it the final prime evil, neither the High Heavens, nor the Seven Hells can mount an offensive any longer. An unspoken cessation has arrived to the Eternal Conflict. The realm of Sanctuary is left in peace.

Thousands of years pass. The people of Sanctuary evolve. Technology advances. The Great War and the birth of the Nephalem become myth. However, magic and the power of faith remain.

In this new age, the darkness of the past clings to society. While much of the wilds have been tamed, the gothic architecture remains and the skyscrapers are covered with gargoyles, and torches burn throughout the night. While electricity is commonplace, fire is seen as the only security against evil.

Four groups govern this new society crouched on an old land. Monks, Mages, Militants, and Mystics. Each has 2 seats on the grand council. Their number is broken by a deciding vote, a man known only as, The Justice.

Monks have embraced technology as their religion and built a cult of the machine. They augment themselves with combat tech, going so far as to replace their extremities with robotic limbs. Their goal is to become a living weapon, and they utilize no firearms. They have also developed advanced medical machines in tandem with their augments. They often hold positions of authority in hospitals. All monks, regardless of gender, shave their heads. Through the augmentation process they make their facial features more uniform, and adjust their height and build to conform to what they refer to as the "optimum standards."

Mages are the most secretive of the four. For thousands of years their art had been seen as the cause of the great cataclysm, the details lost to time. In these times they practice 2 forms of magic. Arcane and Necromancy. Neither school is looked on with favor, though both have their uses. They practice in secret and are rarely seen in public.

Mages who practice the arcane arts are usually tan, due to their exposure to heat and cold. Those who practice necromancy are marked by their pallor and sunken eyes. Spending that much time below ground takes its toll.

Militants are responsible for law and order. Their twin orders report directly to The Justice. Members of the first order, known as The Watchers, are uniformly tall and thin. They specialize in reconnaissance and long range engagement. They are ranged weapons experts and masters with both rifles and hand guns. Members of the second order, known as The Hammers, resemble their hallmark weapons. All are as wide as they are tall, and heavy in the arms. They carry heavy electrified hammers and sometimes force shields as well. Between these two orders, law is upheld through rapid deployment by motorcycle, and less common heavy raids.




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