Gem Upgrade Speed, Belt of the Trove & Invoker Procs

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Gem Upgrade Speed

A recent change on the latest build of the PTR changed Legendary Gem upgrade speed to be slower than what currently is live. Kauza explained that was meant to fix a display issue and that they're not happy with the new slower speed, but also that a fix won't make it to Patch 2.4.1. Read below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Please don't let this go live blizz.

For those who don't know, the ultra slow gem upgrade speed from 2.3 is back on the PTR and has been repeatedly reported and not fixed. I will be exemely annoyed if this goes live and we have to wait three months for a fix again.
This is one we've had our eye on for a while and we're still working on, but here's the current status.

Previously we ran into an issue where accelerating the gem upgrade speed with Urshi was causing the animation confirming whether your upgrade was successful to fail to appear. You may have experienced this yourself - really frustrating. In response to this, we made another change to slow down the upgrade speed to ensure that those confirmations would fire off. The result is that now the speed is slower again.

We're not happy with the upgrade speed as it stands, and this is actively on our radar. It's going to require additional work to fully fix, meaning that if we do find a solution, it won't happen before 2.4.1 goes live.

Belt of the Trove & Invoker Procs

Nevalistis clarified an interaction between Belt of the Trove and the Invoker's set for Crusaders, where the first isn't proccing the latter. She goes a little into their design philosophy behind procs activating other procs, and explains that this specific interaction will be fixed before 2.4.1 goes live.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

So I dont think that this needs further elaboration but as my title states the bombardment from my belt of the trove is not procing the 50% dmg reduction of the Invokers 4 piece set bonus. This makes running a gr70 nearly impossible when with this not being an issue in 2.4 invokers with decent gearing could pull off gr80+. Come on Blizz, invokers was crap for so long, now its good and you want to break out the nerf hammer on it again? for shame.
Nice. Let us know if she updates you again on Twitter.
Or I can just swing by here. :)

I wanted to get a bit more detail before making this post, and I had the opportunity in one of my more recent meetings.

Let's talk procs. We have a general philosophy that, for both performance and balance reasons, procs shouldn't proc other procs.

However, there are some items in the game that are an exception to that rule. Belt of the Trove is one such design; it was totally created in mind to work with the Invoker 4-piece set bonus. So, when we were doing our optimization passes to reinforce our basic philosophy, we accidentally impacted this and a couple other similar situations (specifically Blade of the Tribes and Lut Socks).

We've done a pass to correct these, and these changes have been hotfixed onto the current PTR. For the most part, going forward, you should expect that procs shouldn't proc other procs (including Area Damage)... but if there's an exception that seems weird, please let me know. I'm happy to forward on the feedback for review!


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