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PTR Feedback Forums Closing

As we closer to the release of Patch 2.4.1 the feedback forums will be locked, on March 31. The bug report forums will still be there, as they polish the patch, so there's still a couple weeks until the patch goes live.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

As the release of Patch 2.4.1 draws nearer, we will be turning our focus from gathering feedback to reviewing bug reports and stress testing. As a result, the PTR Feedback forum will soon be entering read-only mode.

This will be the direction with PTR communications going forward. The last couple of weeks of a PTR are (and have always been) dedicated to goals such as build stabilization and bug squashing. For this reason, it is extremely rare that balance or quality of life changes can occur at this stage, as they often come with stabilization and testing risks.

In the past, we haven’t always been clear about what changes are still possible during particular phases of the PTR. We’d like the state of our forums to reflect entering this phase starting with this PTR and for all future ones.

While the PTR will remain available in the coming weeks prior to the release of Patch 2.4.1, the PTR Feedback forum will become read-only on March 31. However, the PTR Bug Report forum will remain available for use until the PTR is taken offline. We highly encourage players to continue reporting bugs and performance issues encountered during this time.

There has been a lot of incredible and well-constructed feedback provided during the course of the Patch 2.4.1 PTR. Thank you for your diligent testing and reporting, and we'll see you in Season 6!

Level 1-70 in 33 Seconds

Anyone looking for a challenge as the Season draws towards its end? Blacklung has uploaded a video where he goes from level 1 to 70 in just 33 seconds! Drahque commented on the video theorizing that it could have been even faster, as quoted below. What do you think of this feat?


This could be done faster, if you have finished all bounties in Act 1-5 and 1 guy in town turn them in meanwhile for XP. :D :D and also might be 2 better classes to kill faster down in the cow event ;) Also, did you have full xp on kill gear with gema of ease lvl 25 reduced level, and also hellfire ring + leorics ring + leorics crown with red gem and level 100+ gem of ease etc. ? :D P.S. I like the paragon 666 part hahahah




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