Patch 2.4.1 New Wings & How to Get Them

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Patch 2.4.1 New Wings & How to Get Them

Patch 2.4.1 brings new WIngs into the game: Lord Culsu's, Osseous Grasp, Dark Bat, Wings of Kokabiel, Falcon's and the Cosmic Wings! Turk Nukem has conveniently put together videos on how to get each of them, which monsters you have to hunt and where.


Check out a snippet of his post below or the full version on our forums for all videos!


Hello guys,

UPDATE: Here are the all 6 wings from patch 2.4.1...I had to make seperate videos because some wings took a while to obtain, however, soon ill be making a single video on youtube and link it to diablofans.





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