PTR Bug Reports on NA Forums, PTR 2.4.1 Archon Wizard

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PTR Bug Reports on NA Forums

A quick heads-up to those helping test Patch 2.4.1 on the PTR and which are not from the Americas region: post your bug reports on the NA forums. That helps the devs by centralizing the reports on one place, and is particularly important for players of Europe and other regions.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

To help us get the most of out of your PTR feedback, we ask that you do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If you come across a bug during your PTR testing experience, please post it in the North American PTR Bug Report forum.

Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the PTR client) should be posted in the Technical Support forums.

If you experience difficulty logging in to post on the NA forums, you may need to first create a Hero (Character) in-game in the Americas game region before posting. You can do this by selecting Americas in the region selection menu just above the Play button in your desktop app. Once you have created a Hero (Character) there, you should be able to post your bug report.

Also, please make sure to select your Diablo Battletag profile when posting on the NA forums.

PTR 2.4.1 Archon Wizard

Rhykker has started testing builds and revamped sets on the PTR, and putting together video guides for builds that are much stronger in the new patch. These are useful as a guideline for players testing builds on the PTR, and potentially still valuable once the patch goes live if changes are not huge.


His first video on this is for the revamped Vyr's set, which uses Archon related items to clear GRs 94 and above. Check it out!




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