Zujg's Bonus Bounties Table

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Zujg's Bonus Bounties Table

Bonus bounties award extra materials - doing them all in a specific order is something players often do, and bonus bounty cycle changes every hour.


To help players with that Zujg's has calculated and put together a table to easily check which are the current bonus bounties, and which ones will be in the next "rotation". DFans user leech told us about this tool, and provided an explanation on how to use the table - check it out below.


The document is actually perfect for timing your bounties and your needed acts. Let us say you need Act1 bounties and only have an hour to farm, you just come back online at the exact time where the bonus is active!

On the left side you see 2 rows with colors indicating "up to certain time" and the one below "is the next hour"

This means, if you have a cycle of 5 3 2 1 4 in the "up to certain time" row then you know that if you ENTER a game, bounty bonus ALWAYS starts with ACT 5 and ENDS with ACT 4, but the next hour (which is one row below) indicates the NEXT hour cycle which is completely different in terms of bonus act order.




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