T10 Vaults for New Players, Armor vs All Res Analysis

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T10 Vaults for New Players

Some high-end players can have dozens of Puzzle Rings on their stashes just laying around. polyphony69 is one of those, and he started a thread on Reddit sharing his will to carry newer players who might need the gold or gear through those juicy Vaults.


If you're one of those newer players, feel free to share your BNet tag with him. And if you're one of those generous end-game players with spare Puzzle Rings instead, maybe you could help out polyphony in this endeavor?


T10 Vaults for New Players

Hey guys, I have a ton of puzzle rings on NA Seasonal Softcore which I will never use and decided to help some people out and use it with them and carrying them through it. I'd much prefer newer players that need some help establishing themselves during the season. If you'd like a carry, message me your battletag.

I'm playing PC.

Armor vs All Res Analysis

MHM has published a video discussing the relation between All Resistance and Armor, and why quite a few players believe the 10:1 ratio is the ideal. If you ever wondered how to maximize your defensive rolls, this might be very useful. Watch it below.




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