Barbarian Builds Highlight

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Barbarian Builds Highlight

Today we would like to highlight a few interesting Barbarian builds from our tool that are meant for either some specific end-game farming activities or have some different, and fun, playstyle.


When the season first started a lot of players felt a little disappointed with the Barbarian's Earthquake set performance, but the Leapquake Barb style is alive and kicking. This first build by thorbjerv is capable of pushing high GRs - seems to be a mobile and fun spec.



The second build by QC uses a mix of the Immortal King's and Raekor's sets to push high Greater Rifts as well. This is a demanding spec gear-wise, and would probably only be used by players with most end-game items.



This Support Barb spec by besp99 uses Blade of the Tribes to pull enemies with Earthquake - Cave In, all while tanking their damage and spawning an outrageous amount of globes. Very interesting build for those who enjoy the support playstyle.




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