Witch Doctor Builds Highlight

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Witch Doctor Builds Highlight

Today we would like to highlight a few interesting Witch Doctor builds from our tool that are meant for either some specific end-game farming activities or have some different, and fun, playstyle.


This first one is a build by chiefpine, capable of breezing through T10, which focuses on exploding Zombie Dogs as its main source of damage! A playstyle that some have been waiting to use since D3 was first released, and which is now completely viable.



The second build also focuses on Pets, but uses the scary and cleaving Humongoid Gargantuan along with Zombie Dogs to carry you through high Greater Rifts - even solo if need be. Karkew is the author of this very detailed guide!



And lastly a Death's Breath farming spec by Haktuspit, that uses the Voo's Juicer ceremonial knife to enhance your Spirit Barrage. A very interesting and somewhat unique build. Check it out!




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