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Patch 2.5 Wishlist

BlacKcuD has started a thread on our forums sharing which features or changes he would like to see in a future Patch 2.5. Devs have mentioned that they might not be able to keep up the pace of releasing major content patches like 2.4 forever, but we might still see a few of these wishes.


What would you like to see in Patch 2.5? What do you think are the most critical changes needed?


My wishlist for Diablo III Patch 2.5

Artisan Legendary Gems

Advanced players can find a new legendary gem recipe which can be crafted at the Jeweler for a high cost. These gems can be given to your artisans and Kadala for unique crafting related bonuses. Once crafted, these new legendary gems can be ranked up like any other gem and also provide additional effects once they reach rank 25.

How to acquire the new legendary artisan gems?

  • You must first acquire a legendary recipe which has a chance to drop from Rift Guardians in Greater Rifts of tier 45 or higher.
  • Crafting cost: Jeweler must be Rank 12 in order to learn the recipe. Crafting cost for one artisan gem: 1000 blood shards, 1 Flawless Royal gem of each color, 100 Forgotten Souls.
  • After crafting, you have a new option when talking directly to your artisans and hand them a legendary artisan gem. Be careful, once provided with a gem, the artisans won’t be able to give them back.
  • When completing greater Rifts, artisan legendary gems in use (and any spare one in stash/inventory if it exists) can be selected from Urshi and upgraded like any other legendary gem.
  • Artisan legendary gems can be crafted multiple times, but you can only carry one with you/have in stash at a time (like old unique items).

Artisan Gem Effects

  • Jeweler: Additional chance to create ancient jewelry 10+0,4% per rank. @Rank25: When upgrading rubies, diamonds, amethysts, topazes or emerals there is a 30% chance to craft an additional gem. Max rank: 100.
  • Kadala: Grant chance to receive an ancient item: 10+0,4% per rank. @Rank25: Increase bloodshard cap by 1000. Max rank: 100.
  • Blacksmith: Additional chance to craft a legendary item. 10+0,4% per rank. @Rank25: Salvaging ancient items yields 2 Forgotten Souls. Max rank: 100.
  • Mystique: Eliminate the lowest (10+0,4 per rank)% values of all offered rolls. @Rank25: Offers +1 reroll options. Example: if you have rank 100 artisan gem in your Mystique and a value can be 10-20%, you will only see 15-20% and you will have 4 instead of 3 values to choose from.


LoN Bombardment Pony Crusader

MHM has made a video going over the essentials of one of the fastest T10 speed farming builds for Crusaders. It's a Legacy of Nightmares Bombardment spec with some Steed Charge in it. Check it out!




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