Jan 27th Hotfixes, Rank 1 US GR 76 Hardcore DH

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Legion Alpha - Build 20979

Jan 27th Hotfixes

New hotfixes were deployed to the game yesterday. A few skill rune fixes and an issue with Scavengers were fixed. See them below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

More hotfixes! We've applied the following fixes as of today, January 27th.

  • Fixed an issue where Armor Scavengers (Primordial Scavengers) would not lose their armor when hit by pets. (1/27)
  • Ray of Frost
    Black Ice
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Black Ice rune to stop functioning. (1/27)
Demon Hunter
  • Impale
    Fixed an issue where the 6 piece Shadow's Mantle set bonus would cause Impale to inherit the damage type of an equipped weapon when being used with Convention of Elements. (1/27)
  • Wreath of Lightning
    Fixed an issue that caused the movement speed bonus provided by a rank 25 Wreath of Lightning to stop functioning. (1/27)

Rank 1 US GR 76 Hardcore DH

philosophios uploaded footage of him solo clearing a GR 76 on hardcore, with the Marauder's set, and getting rank 1 on the US servers. See the guide for the spec he used on our Builds section, and the video below.





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