Achievement Display Bug, Legendary Drop Rates & Blood-Shard Spreadsheet

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Achievement Display Bug

Kauza posted about a bug affecting which achievements are displayed to the players during gameplay, that cause them to not appear. They are investigating a fix and should have one soon. Read below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

There is currently an issue impacting what we call Achievement Toasts – the large, flashy pop-ups that alert you that an achievement has been earned during gameplay. Under some circumstances, these Achievement Toasts will not appear for players as they complete the requirements for achievements.

This issue affects only the Achievement Toast itself. The achievement will still be earned and can be viewed elsewhere in the game.

We are currently investigating a fix and hope to have it ready soon.

Legendary Drop Rates & Blood-Shard Spreadsheet

Linkitch has shared on Reddit an updated spreadsheet with all the Legendary drop rates and Blood-Shard prices for Patch 2.4. Absolute must know data if you're looking for a specific item, and trying that perfect roll in the long term. Check it out!


Finally done with the 2.4 update, took awhile this time around. A lot of new items, so I might have made a few errors, if you find any please let me know.

The spreadsheet can be found here.

Navigate it via. the tabs at the bottom or top.

Any suggestions or possible errors, please point them out here or PM me.

Note: If you want to make a copy for yourself, go to File > Make a Copy. This might not work if too many people are viewing the document at the same time, only solutions I know of is to come back another time and try again.

Note: If you cannot navigate the list with the tabs at the bottom, the document has probably been forced into HTML only mode. That happens when there is too much traffic to a document, nothing I can do from my end.

Note: If you are one of those weird people who use periods instead of commas for decimal places. First make a copy for yourself, explained above. Then go to File > Spreadsheet settings and set it to the relevant Locale.

Update: Added rare to legendary average Death's Breath costs.




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