Which Class Will You Play on Season 5?, Quick Gem Leveling Tip

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Which Class Will You Play on Season 5?

We would like to know: what class are you planning to roll when S5 starts, and why? Is it your favorite class? Or the one you expect to be the strongest? Will you use it to farm items for another hero? Will you stick with it or try to play all classes? Let us know in the comments!


Which class will you play when Season 5 starts?
Demon Hunter
Witch Doctor
Poll Maker

Quick Gem Leveling Tip

MHM has published a handy video for non-seasonal players who want to do something before Patch 2.4 releases, and S5 begins. He discusses a possible optimal setup for quickly upgrading legendary gems, which will be invaluable once the Caldesann's Despair recipe is available. Check it out!




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