Patch 2.4 Roundup

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Patch 2.4 Roundup

Here is everything you need to know about the new additions like Set Dungeons, a new area in Greyhollow Island and other expanded zones, Empowered Rifts and lots of other changes. Just click the Banners below to get all the details!


Note: our Builds tool will be updated tomorrow - so make your Patch 2.4 builds after that.
Update: Our Builds section has now been updated with Patch 2.4 info - feel free to make your builds now! Make sure to create a new build, not edit an old one!

Major Features

Patch 2.4 introduces the new Set Dungeons feature, specific stages designed to challenge players in the usage of each of their class sets. It also introduces players to an entirely new area, Greyhollow Island, along with expanded old zones, the Royal Quarters on Leoric's Manor and the Eternal Woods on the Ruins of Sescheron.


Other notable features of this patch include the Action Combat system, many user interface changes and improvements, more Stash space, major rebalancing and redesigning of sets, tons of changes to monsters and rift guardians, along with the usual skill balancing and many new legendaries!


Season 5 - starting on January 15th, Friday, 5PM PDT Americas, 5 PM CEST Europe, and 5 PM KST Asia - brings a completely revamped Season Journey. There are no more seasonal Legendary items, but players will have access to other exclusive items like cosmetic rewards like Pennants, Pets and Wings!


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Classes, Monsters & Items

As always, the patch brings major balance revisions to all classes and their items, this time focusing on revamping unused sets and tweaking old ones so they can be competitive. There are revamped Sets, new Legendaries and skill balancing for all classes - Crusaders, Monks, Witch Doctors, Demon Hunters, Barbarians and Wizards.


There's also a lot of changes to item mechanics, neutral Legendaries and Sets, monsters, Bosses and Rift Guardians - all under General Balancing.








Patch Notes

Patch 2.4 In One Minute 



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