Lightning Talk on Buff Bar feat. Wyatt Cheng, Limited Rebirths

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Lightning Talk on Buff Bar feat. Wyatt Cheng

In the Diablo area on this year's BlizzCon developers made small presentations talking about topics of interest for the community. One of these topics was redesigning the buff bar with Wyatt Cheng himself! They have recently started uploading these lightning talks to the official Diablo youtube channel. Watch the latest one below.


Limited Rebirths

Wyatt Cheng explained on a Reddit thread why there is a limited amount of rebirths in the new Patch available to players. It apparently comes down to an issue when transferring the character's items, so they went with the lesser of two evils. Read more below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Reddit)

Rage! Only three rebirths. Why ohh why

It's limited because we can't have a situation where the incoming mail to your non-seasonal state is used as a temporary storage place for items.

An alternative option that was considered was allowing unlimited rebirthds but requiring you to clear your incoming mail. The problem there is that this option would require players coming back after an extended break to have to clear their incoming mail to participate in the new season - which defeats one of the primary objectives of the rebirth feature in the first place.

So this means that in its current iteration, you have unlimited time to claim the items that your character unequips by being reborn?
No - you have 30 days.


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