Technical Patch 2.3.0b, Patch 2.4 Transmog Showcase

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Technical Patch 2.3.0b

A technical patch will go live next Tuesday to prepare the Diablo client to receive Patch 2.4. There are no balance or gameplay changes, and no new content. Read the blue post below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

If you have participated in our most recent PTR phase, you may remember that before patch 2.4.0 was available for testing, there was a small technical patch called 2.3.0b. Well, the time has come to launch this smaller patch on the live client.

On Tuesday, December 8, we'll be pushing out 2.3.0b to the live client. This patch has absolutely no gameplay, balancing, or content impact. Your in-game experience before and after this patch will be identical.

So what does 2.3.0b do? It prepares us to launch Patch 2.4.0! We don't have a more specific date to share yet for the launch of 2.4.0, but if you haven't been participating in the PTR, you can test out all the new content and changes right now.

Long story short, if you see your client update on Tuesday, keep calm and continue Rifting! It's not time for 2.4.0 just yet.

Patch 2.4 Transmog Showcase

Bluddshed has made a very interesting video showcasing some of the new Item Transmogrifications coming in patch 2.4. Really cool seeing some of these in the character screen and in action - check it out!




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