Blue Post Round-Up, Anthony Evans' Toxic Hound WD

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Blue Post Round-Up

There has been quite a few blue posts recently, some about the Greater Rift cave layouts, a comment on possible changes for Teleport and bugs that will be fixed in future PTR builds. See them all below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard

Hey all,
We agree that cave maps aren't fitting in with what we want the Greater Rift experience to be. Here's something we're trying out in the latest PTR hotfixes.


  • Medium and Large cave maps will no longer appear as Greater Rifts. Population within small cave maps has been increased for Greater Rifts. (12/1)

This change and more can be viewed in the hotfixes thread. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

this is bad news guys. u know the big cave map from a1 (spiders) is now also gone. and that map has very high density and ppl are fishing for that map in order to push ladder
If Kauza spend a few minuts reading this topic he would know that everyone in this thread means the large caves with crap density usually comes down to the "den of the fallen" type of cave tilesets. I trust Kauza has the common sense that he did not pass on notes to have spider cavern removed as well.

If true.... i don't know what to say. But again, i have trust in Blizzard and its employees.
The "spider caves" as referenced above have not been modified as a part of this hotfix. We didn't find the same sort of opportunity to make adjustments with those maps as we did with the more open, less dense cave maps. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

On "No More Caves"

This post title is misleading. You still get caves. We roll 3 different sizes of caves. Small, Medium and Large. This refers to how long the cave is. Small is short, medium caves are longer, and large caves are the ones on live that feel like you're trekking through them forever. You can only roll the small one now, we don't want to remove all caves completely as that limits the diversity. In the event that you do roll a small cave it will have far more monsters per square foot than you currently have on live. (Reddit)

what are your thoughts on Teleport? Should we get the AW passive replacing the Worm hole rune? Would that be too OP?

no plans to change that. (Twitter)

any info you can share on removing the blind on Bracers of Fury and changing the Shield of Fury proc rate? :'(

No plans to remove the blind prereq on Bracers of Fury. Could maybe remove blind if dmg was cut in half, but that seems worse. (Twitter)

For those on the PTR, please understand that many items are tested at deliberately too high numbers so they get focused attention. (Twitter)

New FotVP/GoJ coming soon? Itching to test IK HOTA/SS in comparison to the redesigned sets :).

Next actual PTR patch (not hotfix). Technical reasons. (Twitter)

bash with blade of the warlord still not working with obsidian,please fix it,thanks!

This is a bug and will be fixed in a future PTR patch. (Twitter)

Anthony Evans' Toxic Hound WD

Anthony Evans has put together a WD build on the PTR dubbed The Toxic Hound. An interesting concept that uses the revamped Tall Man's Finger and Zombie Dogs, capable of doing absolutely insane amounts of damage. For those excited about a pet build on Patch 2.4, check out the video guide!




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