UEE Black Friday Sale, RIP Static Charge?, Possible Expansion Hints

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UEE Black Friday Sale

The Ultimate Evil Edition of Reaper of Souls will be on sale with a 50% discount this Black Friday. See the tweet below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Twitter)

Get half off of the Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo III for Black Friday at your favorite retailer.


RIP Static Charge?

Quin has made a video talking about the impact of a recent change to the Static Charge rune for Monks, which can potentially make it nonviable on Patch 2.4. It starts out in a quite funny way, but towards the end has some serious thoughts from him on the change. Click the image below to watch it!



Possible Expansion Hints

Deadset recently released a video showcasing and talking about all the new Zones in Patch 2.4. The video focuses quite a bit on the lore of the new areas and their monsters, and he even discusses how the new zones possibly hint at some expansion elements! What do you think of his theory?




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