New Wings and Pets Preview, PTR Patch Date and Leaderboards, Travis Day Lightning Talk

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New Wings and Pets Preview

Mads Lund uploaded a machinima video where he showcases some of the new Wings and Pets available in the PTR client's files. Watch them below!



PTR Patch Date and Leaderboards

Nevalistis replied to some questions on her Twitter. She explains that there will be a leaderboard wipe on the next PTR wipe and that there is no ETA for the next PTR patch, as they're trying to solve some Mac issues before releasing it. Read below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Twitter)

Are we going to have a PTR wipe after LoN nerf
I would say likely, but we haven't confirmed yet. Will check in with the team to be sure.
thx you are the best!
And got the answer! (Nice when folks are at their desks). We'll be wiping Leaderboards only with the next PTR patch.
thanks for the info, do we have a time and date for the patch yet?
Not yet! We're still looking at some technical issues (like the Mac client stuff).

Travis Day Lightning Talk

Leviathan111 shared a video he recorded of Travis Day's lightning talk at the Slaughtered Calf Inn on this year's BlizzCon. In the video he talks a lot about the Ring of Royal Grandeur and some fun facts about its development and community reception - check it out!




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