Season 4 Gearing Cheat Sheet, MHM Progression Series - WD GR 60

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Season 4 Gearing Cheat Sheet

Furial has put together an in depth cheat sheet for gearing up with all classes in Season 4. It highlights the more important items for each type of build popular in the meta, along with the preferred stats for each of those items. Check it out!


MHM Progression Series - WD GR 60

MeatHeadMikhail has a series of progression videos where he goes over how each class evolves as they find better gear, and how much further each upgrade allows them to push.


In a recent one, he clears a GR 60 with his Helltooth Witch Doctor, after finding a few gear upgrades. If you're still progressing with a specific class, check out the video playlists.




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