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Potential New Amulets

John Yang replied to an inquiry about the Hellfire Amulet being too powerful on Twitter. In the reply he explains why it's good for the Hellfire Amulet to be powerful, and indicates that we might see a few other interesting alternatives to it in the future!


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Twitter)

Any plans to address the Hellfire Amulet, there is simply no alternative to it, who doesn't want a free passive?

I think Hellfire Amulet being powerful is good for the game. One item slot where you farm mats, do ubers in a group, and craft.

Bonus: sometimes you get a great Hellfire amulet with a passive for another build, which may lead you to try that other build.

Also, there are some alternatives to Hellfire Amulet - e.g. Eye of Etlich, Flavor of Time, immunity amulets. Maybe more to come.

zDPS Crusader Static Charge Support

So you may have seen the news regarding the new Static Charge Monk meta that has gained popularity lately, but what if you want to support a Monk? Kthulupwnsu has made some extensive testing and put together a zDPS Crusader spec that's great for that. See it below.


Chibi Diablo Fanart

NihonOaisuru only recently published a chibi Diablo drawing that was made about two years ago! Not bad for one of the first photoshop paintings she did - check it out!




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