Reaper of Hamburgers Fanart, Desolacer's Spirit of Arachyr WD

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Reaper of Hamburgers Fanart

pegosho drew a very unusual and unique Diablo fanart. Malthael taking a break from reaping souls, and having a snack. It's apparently an old fanart by him, just recently updated and polished. Looks awesome!


This was a piece I did long ago for a Diablo 3 Art contest. I was able to polish the values but was impossible for me to color it. When I start drawing, I usually add colors at the beginning and check from time to time the greyscale version to see if there are value mistakes. But here I started and finished with greyscale and that was a big mistake. I know there are people who are able to color greyscale pretty good, but I yeah, here it is.


Desolacer's Spirit of Arachyr WD

Desolacer has put up a Spirit of Arachyr video guide for Witch Doctors, with Hex and Locust Swarm. You can also see the written version in our Builds section too - check them out!





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